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Is this a Fiverr.com review or youngceaser review?




This article was last updated on 5/4/2016


I have, in the past, recommended the use of Fiverr.com for simple tasks that would take an average, non techie, like me, time that they don’t need to be spending on small tasks. You might need a logo or a header for a blog. Whatever you need, it’s just $5.00. They do try to up sell you on tasks that could get to be more involved.


Whether you take the upgraded services or not, it is usually money well spent. I may not be creative enough to make my own header, so why not outsource it to Fiverr.com?


Over the years, I’ve probably used Fiverr.com a dozen times. I’ve had good luck there. All of the people who are offering services seem to know what they are doing and I’ve never had a real problem, until now.


I’m not the type of person who is willing to quietly walk away from a bad experience. I want to make sure that I get my money’s worth and I like to warn others who might think about using these services!


How mad should I get about losing $5.00?


It’s not really the money. Losing $5.00 is not all that bad, but $5.00 is $5.00. I worked for that money. If I decide to spend it, anywhere, I should at least get something for it.


Keep in mind that it is only $5.00 for me, but how many other people are spending their $5.00 on Fiverr.com for the same thing and losing their money? It all adds up, fast!


You can read about how quickly small amounts of money add up, here. Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino both took $400,000 from separate products launches. The products cost $47.00, each. All of those $47.00 added up to a lot of money!


My story:


(The following relates my own personal story of two gig providers on Fiverr.com. I do offer my opinions about what happened.)


I decided to buy a gig for back links. I wanted to see if getting some decent back links could get an article, of mine, onto the front page of Google. My article was ranked #25 at the time. I know that, according to Google, that you aren’t suppose to buy links, but I had to try.


I looked at dozens of gigs listed on Fiverr.com and I came across this title.


Rank you first in google, 50 pr10 niche backlinks, 40days seo


youngceaser on fiverr.com


It is provided by a group of people who call themselves “youngceaser.” They had a 5 star rating and they had some sort of special rating from Fiverr.com. I read a bunch of the reviews and everyone seemed to be very happy with the results they got. I choose youngceaser to work with.


I paid my $5.00 and I wait for them to provide me a list of the locations of the links. A few days later I got a notice that they were finished. I looked the the text document and there were well over 50 sites listed. I’m thinking, “Cool!”


I always check the work that people do for me on Fiverr.com. Just to keep them honest. I check the first URL and there was a link. The page only had a PR3 rating, though. Then I moved to the next one. I open up the page and I can’t find a link on it. I go to the next page and same thing, no link. I went through most of the rest of their list. More than half of them don’t have a link, of any kind, on them.


I have to admit that my first thought was, “WTF?”


I write “youngceaser” and complain that over half of these pages don’t have any links on them, at all. I thought that it was one person until I ended up talking to everyone who worked there. Yippee!


They apologized and said that they would redo the order. They did the order over and sent me a list of URLs. I went to the pages and guess what? Over half of them don’t have links on them.


They redid the order 3 times. I finally said that I had had enough. That I was fine just walking away from the gig and I figured that they beat me out of my $5.00.


Im not very happy with youngceaser


I received an email from Fiverr.com asking me if I was happy with the results of the gig. I clicked the link and it took me to a feedback page. I left my honest opinion of the work done by this group. I let everyone know that I didn’t get what I paid for and that half the pages had no links on them. I warned any would be buyers that they should double check all of the “supposed links” to make sure that they actually existed.


It seemed like reasonable feedback, to me.


Here’s the point of the entire article.


The next day I was contacted by youngceaser and they are falling all over themselves to apologize. I guess they read my feedback!


I asked them a question … “I paid my $5.00 and got a list of pages that had no links on half of them. Was that the type of work that they do on Fiverr.com?”


I didn’t get an answer.


They said that they would upgrade me to their most expensive upgraded gig, if I would give them another chance.


I said this to them on Fiverr.com.



If you want to do something feel free. I have have absolutely no confidence in anything that you do. Since I don’t expect anything, I guess I can’t be disappointed. So have it … if you want.


They never did anything. Doesn’t surprise me.


The they tried to cancel the order. They would rather cancel the order and give me my $5.00 back rather getting the negative feedback.


However, Fiverr.com informed me that if I decided to let them cancel the order that my feedback would be deleted.


my youngceaser review


I guess that’s how they keep their rating so high. If they get caught not doing the work, they just cancel the gig. It’s better for them to lose $5.00 than have everyone find out that “the emperor has no clothes!” That would be very bad for business!


You might be thinking that this is an isolated incident. It’s just one seller. You may be right.


However, at the same time as the youngceaser gig was running I bought another gig.


This one had a title of, “List your site in 30 high quality directories , 100 percent manually, related to your site topic,…”


It was for my traditional, offline business.


The provider’s ID is “acbin5.”


I’m just going to put our entire conversation in here:


The conversation picks up just after I got notification of the gig being completed.



Just curious. How am I supposed to know that you did anything?

17:51November 27, 2015



Thank you for you reply. … My ms words was affected by virus. For that reasons, I did send attachment. I am repairing it. Wait please .
Have a nice day!

09:53November 28, 2015




19:32November 29, 2015



I submitted your site in top 30 directories: Kindly view the attachment file.
Have a nice day!

08:42December 03, 2015


youngceaser causes stress



Should I be able to search these sites and find my company’s listing?

09:58December 03, 2015



You will be able to find the sites after approving it.

10:02December 03, 2015



What email address will those confirmation emails go to?

10:17December 03, 2015



For that reason. I can not mentioned e-mail address

04:29December 04, 2015



Who is going to confirm all of the listings? If no one confirms the listings then it is like you didn’t do anything. I have to admit that this is getting funnier by the minute!

14:01December 04, 2015



Hi, I confirm these links. I used my own e-m-a-i-l id. I

07:46December 08, 2015



You’re a funny guy! So how am I supposed to know you did anything? Never mind … I don’t care. I’ll leave appropriate feedback. Have a nice day. The good news is that I think you’ve cured me of Fiverr.

11:44December 08, 2015



You have are great man. But You did not understand about my services.


07:45December 09, 2015



I’ve never had anyone not offer proof of doing the work. You gave me the URLs of all the sites why wouldn’t you show proof of work?

09:12December 09, 2015


He never responded after that. I left appropriate feedback!


Order Reviews

Me: added 13 days ago

“The whole gig was a joke! Says he did the work but offers no proof. It must be nice to have a job that u don’t have to show what u did! I wouldn’t buy this gig again. You shouldn’t either.”


UPDATE #1   2/23/2016:


I thought my adventures on Fiverr had come to an end, but I find out otherwise.  During the month of February I had the guys from the Youngceaser gig contact me several times.  Honestly, I just wanted them to go away and leave me alone.  In fact, I asked them a couple of time to do just that.  They had other ideas.


They kept saying that they wanted to make me happy.  I kept telling them that I gave them 4 chances on the original gig and they had screwed that up every time.  I reiterated that I was just trying to put enough time in between me and their gig to buy one last gig, from someone who could disavow everything that Youngceaser did.


They, again, offered me their top of the line gig, the one that guarantees that you’ll get on the front page of Google.  I told them once that I didn’t want it, but this time, I asked, “If I let you do this, upgraded gig, will you leave me alone?”  They never answered that question.   I waited a day or two and them I put in all the information that they would need in order to do their work.  I got no response.


I’d be mad, but they are doing what I wanted them to do in the first place, leaving me alone.


UPDATE #2:  4/26/2016


Apparently, the guys at Youngceaser were working on their promised “make up” gig.  They finished the gig sent me the data on where all of their backlinks were located.  I went through the list and I did find links on the pages that were listed.  This was their $105.00, super backlink package that is supposed to be “guaranteed to get your article to #1 in Google.


At first, I had turned down their offer to do the gig for free.  I figured why add more bad backlinks to the ones they gave me from the other gig they did for me.  Well, I wrote them and said that if they would leave me alone that they could do the gig.  I hope they will leave me alone now!


I picked an article, that I hadn’t gotten up to #14 in Google, at one time.  It is my “Juice Plus Reviews” article.  It’s a good, in depth look at the company.  It has dropped down to #72 before they did their super backlinking package.  You know the one.  It is supposed to get your article to #1.  That was 6-8 weeks ago, as of the time of this writing.  I figure that must be enough time to have move it up the ranks.  Right?


As of today, April 26, 2016, my article is #76.  I have to say that I am not very impressed.


Personally, I wouldn’t use these guys for anything, but if you insist, just don’t think that their backlinks will work for you or anyone else.


If they were so concerned with my happiness, why wouldn’t they have followed up with me to see how I liked the results of that gig?  I know … I told them to leave me alone.


Then I have to think that they said they would do the gig and they didn’t.  I guess they must be totally psychotic or something.   I don’t get it and you shouldn’t get any gig offered by the people at Youngceaser!


It is amazing how some people are willing to run a business.


UPDATE #3:  5/4/2016


They did it to me again.  Those Youngceaser guys pretty much suck!  I just checked my article’s ranking in Google.  I know it’s only been a few days since I last checked, but I had to know what was going on with it.  I’m pleased to report that my article, that that had been as high as #14 when I did my own SEO work, and had dropped to #72 since I stopped working on it, is now at #107.  That’s not the direction that I wanted it to go in, guys.  Did I say “pleased?”  I actually meant to say pissed!


The good news is that I didn’t have to pay their $105.00 fee for this mess.  The bad news is that I’ll have to wait another month or two and let Google find all of their “backlinks” so I can disavow all of them at once.


I’m now ready to pass judgement on Youngceaser!  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!  It’s just not worth it.  Even if you get it for free, it’s not worth it.


I hope you guys aren’t named after Julius Caesar, because he didn’t spell his name the way you spell it!


Maybe you might think about changing it to Youngseizure!  I think that sums you guys up in a nut shell.


Those are my tales of woe from Fiverr.com.


All I’m saying is that if you order something on Fiverr.com, that you make sure to double check to see that the work was done and done properly. Know that a 5 star rating may not be a real 5 star rating. They can manipulate that rating by canceling gigs.


You’ve been warned!


Please share this article with your downline! It might help them!


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75 Responses to “My latest experience on Fiverr.com review, youngceaser review, acbin5 review”

  1. Manish says:

    I just ordered a gig from youngceaser. Unfortunately I started researching on him after I ordered the gig. Sometimes I can be stupid in a hurry. Anyways, $5 gone is not that bad, but what I am worried about is their backlinks creating a negative impact on my SEO by blackhat techniques.

    Thanks for the update. If you have had any positive experiences with SEO from someone on Fiverr, please let me know so that I can try them out.

    • Hi Manish,

      I don’t know many people who research their fiverr.com purchases. I mean it’s 5 bucks, right? I’ve done a lot more research into back link building over the past few weeks and I can tell you that what you seem to get on fiverr are low quality back links. Point in case is my site here. My Alexa rank, before purchasing youngceaser’s gig was 2,000,000. After I got their back links, I’m down to 5,000,000. I’m now looking to purchase a gig to disavow all of those links. I don’t think that I would buy any kind of link from anyone on fiverr. It’s just too much risk in doing that!

      If you notice any drop in ranking it’s probably due to their links. For me, I’m disavowing them.

  2. Mortimer says:

    Hello there. I ordered youngceaser as well. My experience was awfull. Awful. Hideous. They flooded internet with garbage articles that had NOTHING to do with my subject and WILL for sure penalize my ranking. I asked for corrections and it only got worst. Speaking to them is like talking to a squid. Copy-paste replies and no solutions. Stay away from this gig.

  3. I was desperate to gain some quick backlinks and since I’d used Fiverr for help developing creative in the past, I trusted the rating system and went with youngceasar. Bad idea. Every link is coming from some garbage blog and is appears to be auto-generated garbage. Blackhat for sure. I think someone at Fiverr should do something about this. It’s very deceptive.

    Instead of saving myself some time, I have to disavow these links. Maybe I can find someone on Fiverr? If you guys do, please repost.

    • The rating system is deceptive, for sure! I’m waiting to disavow everything these guy did too. At least I can get someone on Fiverr to get a list for for $5.00. That’s kind of messed up that you have to undo the work that these guys do by spending more money. Oh well. live and learn!

  4. Smridhi Malhotra says:

    YOUNGCEASER are fraudsters.

    Kindly do not take any services from them. They are cheaters.

  5. Kate W says:

    Exactly the same thing happened to me this was my review of them I posted:

    Its 2nd time I’ve ordered this website Doctor gig from YoungCeaser. The 1st time was in September when I also purchased his 50Pr links SEO gig which was meant to take 40days. To test it now in April I purchased his website Doctor gig again which came back telling me there are NO links to my site!

    Same thing they contacted me offering me their top gig for free. I have absolutely no confidence in their skills so passed!

  6. Mike says:

    Thanks for this article.. I decided to google them to see what comes up and here you are. I won’t buy from them now.

  7. Sameday says:

    I had the same experience with that seller called himself youngceaser of backlinks which resulted in my website dropping to 24th page on google. NEVER Again buyer beware of this seller!
    It has made me seriously thought of buying backlinks elsewhere and using people professionally to build them.

  8. JG says:

    Half way through you detailed account of your experience in fiverr, you wrote:

    “It is amazing how some people are willing to run a business.”

    I’m amazed that you run your business on $5 gigs and actually spend your time complaining to the freelancers that are working for a couple of dollars, as if you had paid them premium prices.

    The short version: I’m amazed that you run your business on $5 gigs

    • I wouldn’t have minded so much if what they did for $5.00 did nothing for my post, but it actually hurt the ranking. They advertise their gig as something that will raise the ranking of any article. It didn’t. In order to make it up to me they gave me their top of the line, premium gig worth $105.00. I didn’t have to pay for it, but in essence, I did what you are suggesting. That was no better than the $5.00 gig. The people on Fiverr choose to work for the amount that they advertise their gig for. It’s not like I robbed them. Conversely, I wish I could say the same about them.

      Am I supposed to know that their $5.00 isn’t supposed to do what they say it will do? Why don’t they advertise it honestly and let me decide if I want to try it out? It could say something like this:

      “Our gig doesn’t work, in fact it will lower your rankings in Google. We really just want your $5.00!”

      It least it would be honest then!

      I’m just trying to warn others about the gigs on Fiverr … this one in particular!

      Maybe they should stick with Odesk or freelancer?? Or better yet … maybe not.

  9. Jems says:

    Yeah also I think but I got someone who help me http://www.fiverr.com/fastsolver

    • I don’t want to say for sure, but lower quality links can harm your rankings in the search engines. If you notice that your ranking gets lower, you might think about finding someone on fiverr who can disavow those links for you. I would give it some time so that all of the bad links can be found and then disavow them.

  10. JG says:

    “Am I supposed to know that their $5.00 isn’t supposed to do what they say it will do?”

    That’s a fair point, Richard. Yeah, I see what you mean and I’m with you there: if the label say a b c it should do a b c, regardless of the cost.

    Thanks for posting your experience (I did actually read the entire post)

  11. Kay says:

    Fortunately, I’ve found this post before ordering anything from YoungCeaser. Thanks for your post!

  12. Jared says:

    I ordered from them and faced the same unfortunate fate of a harsh drop in rank. The question is, where is there a better solution for people without the time to have seo services done?

  13. Lenny says:

    I am starting to build more awareness about my site and blog. I researched Fiverr and came across with gigs like youngceaser. My very first thought was that they will make my site come up on the first Google page for $5?? They will provide 1000’s links which is another red flag. I began looking into this and came across with your experience.

    BTW, I communicated with a Fiverr gig [Removed name of fiverr gig provider] showing 32K+ 5 star rating. When I asked if the backlinks will be related to my field and she would do all links in one blast she responded she cannot work on my request. May God bless you!

    I am considering to go the quest post route. I found several gigs who do the guest posts on sites related to health and fitness. If Google sees our domains are related it should help ranking.

    What do you think?

    • My opinion is that you can try anyone on fiverr, if you are so inclined. If they help you move up in the search engine ranks, then great, but if you go down in the ranks you can use a disavow gig to get rid of the links you got. I’m not sure how well guest posting links work anymore. You might want to do some research on how Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird effected guest post back linking before investing any of your money. If you are getting guest posts on fiverr I would have to imagine that the articles will be low quality or even spun. I have used article writing services before. Some of the articles that I got were of decent quality. I usually punched them up some before using them. (I didn’t use them for this blog!) I paid around $5.00 per article for 500 words.

      I removed the name of the gig provider because I didn’t want it to look like I was endorsing them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Stop back and let us know how you did with the guest posting backlinks, if you decide to go that route!

      • Janet says:

        Richard, thanks for the review. It was very timely for me. But what exactly is a ‘disavow’ gig? Thx J

        • Several years ago Google started to penalize websites and blogs for having low quality backlinks to their sites. When they did that they made it possible for people to point bad backlinks toward a site of a competitor. Those low quality backlinks would lower the competitor’s site in the search engine results pages. That might allow the site of the person who got those poor backlinks to rise. Google will let you gather a list of those low quality backlinks and submit them to Google. Once Google is informed that those links aren’t links that a competitor is using to lower your site, they will not count them against your site. The site owner is disavowing ownership of those links. Personally, I have no idea how to gather that list, but there are people out there that will do it for you. I cheap place to get that list is from a person on Fiverr.com. On Fiverr, they call a job a “gig.”

  14. Lenny says:

    Do you know anything a PBN setup? it seems more reasonable 40-120 links drip fed over a week. Wondering whether a drip feed is flagged by Google and is compared to a blast anyway.

    • I know that it can be time consuming and expensive to set up a good PBN. If you do it right it is something that can work. Google seems to be getting better at detecting them and if they do find you, all that time and money goes down the drain. If you set one up, don’t tell anyone else about it and hope that Google doesn’t find you!

  15. Sean says:

    We took a gig with Youngceaser, had the same problems with poor quality. Reviewed negatively and have now recieved an email through our website contact form threatening us with Negative SEO should we not remove it.

    • Wow! That’s crazy. I might be tempted to send a copy of that threat directly to fiverr.com and see if they wouldn’t do something about them! They are real pieces of work, aren’t they? Sorry to hear that you got caught up in their web.

  16. Hi Richard,

    I’m really happy (lucky?) to have found your article and the comments of your readers. It’s of great value.

    I was thinking about buying the SEO pack from Youngceaser for my French blog, but I was hesitating a lot. So, I’ve asked a lot of questions to them and they answered each message. But still, I was not convinced. Moreover, I have noticed that the people answering are not a few. Which is not a good sign for me. Who is your contact when you’ve got problems?

    I’ve got 12000 readers a month after only 11 months of blogging and 48 articles about fitness. I’m not ready to lose everything for a potential gain (hypothetic?).

    I still think that working on SEO and writing the best articles possible are the best ways to generate trafic. I spend 10 to 20 hours per article, and it works!

    Thank you very much for your warning! It is like gold for bloggers.

    • Hi Stephane,

      I’m glad to hear that I could help with your SEO, if only to warn you away from the Youngceaser gang. I’ve been looking for different avenues to get back links, but so far I haven’t found anything that I’m thrilled with. If you find something, please let me know. Thank you and good luck!


  17. John says:

    Thanks Rich,

    You just saved me $10 and from bad backlinks.I was about to place 2 orders with these guys. My lucky day.

  18. Chirag says:

    Richard, Thanks for writing the article. Their offer was hard to reject. I was on a verge of paying them for their highest package!!!! You are god sent 🙂 Can anyone recommend a good SEO professional? I already had 4 bad experiences in past.

    • Hi,

      I’m glad I could help out! My guess is that there won’t be anyone on Fiverr.com who will do any real good for your site/blog. I have a site that you could go to in order to find a good SEO/backlink service. It’s http://www.blackhatworld.com
      Use the search box to look for backlink providers. I’ve only used one of them. They did a good job and not a great job, so I am hesitant to give a recommendation at this time. The down side to these providers is that they are much more expensive than the people on Fivverr.com. Most of them have coupons for their services periodically, so look for those. I wish you the best of luck in your search for quality backlinks that will help you! If you find someone … you have to let me know about them! Thank you!

  19. Man, I don’t believe my luck. I was just a click away from ordering their package they had “SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR ME”. It was $10 and they said they would find Keywords, bring Laser traffic and give me the backlinks package that you have. I owe you man! You saved me $10

  20. zimamedia says:

    It’s okay to buy some fake, bad and toxic links for your website. But they won’t doing anything. If you see PR (Pagerank) in the title, then STAY AWAY.

    Google stopped updating page rank and it doesn’t exist. If you’re ever having a conversation with an “expert” and page rank or #1 spot on google come up, stay away.

  21. Tal says:

    See, I oreded the exact gig about a week ago, and I got a report with all the links. Most of them are “Home Page” links of forum users like Amazon community, apple, disqus and more. Some of the pages on the report don’t have links. I don’t care about that.
    The links didn’t got indexed in the webmaster tool yet, but the big question is can these harm?
    Unfortunately I came across this article too late, but I already gave up my 5 bucks, and now I’m afraid it might affect my website negatively. Can it?
    Thanks for the information, very important!

  22. Doug says:

    You just saved me a shit load of money and a serious headache.

    I’m working with a new SML opening in the Philippines. (SML Small Money Lender, think Payday loan) I’ve been tasked with getting their brand new website to the top of good ol’ Google.

    I spent $10 with them and got a global and local basic keyword/key phrase report for our niche and was trying to figure out their ‘plans’. The subscriptions and the one-offs. I tried to reach out for a phone call to get some kind of explanation and the message was flagged by Fiverr for review and haven’t heard back from anyone.

    Any suggestions on reputable companies to talk with about handling proper SEO and backlinking? Any recommendations would be nice. It’s something I understand quite a bit about but not fully, and it’s not something that I will be doing. We need to hire it out.

    Thank you again to the author for this article.

    • Doug says:

      I should mention…I’ve read some but not all the comments so if I’ve missed something don’t beat me too badly 😉

    • Hi,

      I’ve been working with a start up SEO company who has shown me that they can give results for for backlinking and moving articles up in the SERPs. They aren’t open for business yet, but I will be updating this article with any results that I get when I test them out. My first impression is that I’m not crazy with their pricing, but it could be worth it if they can give me the same or similar results to those that they’ve shown me.

      • Doug says:

        That’s good to hear…from what I’m gathering we need more quality SEO companies out there.

        In the meantime? I could really use some guidance on this.

  23. YOUNGCEASER says:

    Hello guys!

    I am the guy, in which honor this thread was opened LOL 😀

    Thank you all, I really appreciate your opinion and comments, Your feedback helps me to nail my services and get them better.

    Richard, who opened this thread and who owns this blog, is 100%
    right about his experience! I really have hard time with hiring good customers support team to manage all these 500+ daily inbox messages. So.. yes, it’s not that easy to work with people and get everybody satisfied, but I do my best and THANK GOD, there is possitive progress every single day since i started.

    As for the GIGs that I OFFER:

    Ask me a question about any gig and why do i offer it, and you will get my explanation.
    I am doing SEO and INTERNET MARKETING for many years now, and to be Expert in a field, you really have to hustle, work hard and read/learn/study.
    ( I have read every single SEO Blog out there; MOZ.com / BACKLINKO.com / NEILPATEL.com is where you need to look at, if you are interested to learn more about SEO)

    So.. i am not writing this to say :
    “no ,guys your comments on this page SUX, you all write *HIT” or Talk bad about @Richard who opened this thread.

    My HONEST GOAL ( GOD is my Witness) is to help people to grow their business and make more money online, as nowadays the Internet is HUUUGE Opportunity for all of us!

    Thank you again!

    Best regards,

    • Hi Kris, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving us a comment/advertisement. If anyone wants to hire you for their SEO, that’s their prerogative. I’m just here to let everyone know what my experiences were. I didn’t like the service and wouldn’t use them again. My ranking went down in the SERPS after the gigs you provided. I hope that you’re an honest business person and that my bad experience isn’t the norm, but I’ve had comments and private emails that have expressed that they too had a bad experience. I wish you the best of luck!

  24. Minhaj says:

    Hi Richard, thanks for the review, I was honestly going to go for one of their $5 dollar links, but because I have heard of fiverr reviews being manipulated I had to research them. Good thing too, you see I frequently visit blackhatworld forum, the people there, especially the VIP members who offer SEO services, never have these dirt cheap SEO services. But many people desperate to get ranked and not being able to afford the professional services look to fiverr for cheap alternatives. If its too good to be true, then it probably is.
    Thanks for the review. Helped me save some $$

    • Hi Minhaj,

      I’m not sure that the SEOers on blackhatworld are any better.

      • Youngceaser says:


        How can I Manipulate 50 000 reviews? Do you guys really think that all these people are retarded and I help nobody?
        There are clients with who I work for years now on a monthly subscription. 1000+$ per month

        Tell me what makes you think that my service is suspicious, so that I can explain!

        Thank you!

        • It’s possible to manipulate 1 review, so it is possible to manipulate all the reviews. I’m not saying that you did that, but it is possible. Just so everyone knows, I bought a linking program on Black Hat World and it didn’t do anything for my ranking. It had great reviews too. I wouldn’t buy another link package on BHW.

          • Youngceaser says:

            Fiverr detect manipulated reviews and ban them, you can read about that on forums.

            In order to get results, you must know that there are more than 200 Google rank factors.

            SO, you might ordered X number of backlinks but what about the ON PAGE FACTORS? If you website is not crawable, if its slow, if it has hundreds of issues in the code, bad content?
            How are you going to see results then?

            This is an important point that people don’t understand and hurry to leave negative review, than messaging me so that I can point out all these things out.

            In order to get good results its super important to communicate with your provided and to understand the SEO process

          • Well, for me, I was unhappy about the gig and left negative feedback. You offered me something else and Fiverr said that if I accepted it, the negative feedback would be removed. To me, this is a form of manipulating feedback. I’m not one to leave negative feedback, but I gave you guys 4 or 5 chances. I got tired of it and felt like it was my duty to warn others.

          • Youngceaser says:

            If you are unhappy with the initial work done, then I fix it based on your feedback and in the end you are satisfied. Why not ask Fiverr to remove the feedback, what is wrong with that?

            YOUR CASE:
            – I understand you and I apologized now. The good thing is that I fixed this issue permanently so it doesn’t happen in future anymore!

          • If you can make someone happy after the feedback is left, I don’t have a problem with the feedback being removed. That wasn’t what I was talking about. I guess someone could always come back and leave bad feedback, later.

  25. Did you do the $5.00 gig or did you do a more expensive gig?

  26. GWhite says:

    Comment removed until they can prove their claims.

    • Wow! Sorry to hear that! That’s totally crazy. Hopefully, there’s a way to get everything resolved.

    • YOUNGCEASER says:


      Thank you so much for trying to ruin my reputation, it actually does the opposite.

      1. I perfectly know the Fiverr ToS so I wouldn’t afford to contact customers outside their platform.
      2. I have 80 000 possitive reviews and just a few negative ones, do you think I would risk my account in such way?
      4. Please send screenshots from my emails that threat you.

      Thank you!

      • My blog is a strange place to go to try to ruin someone’s reputation. I don’t think I get enough visitors to really matter in the grand scheme of things. With that said, I’d like to see those emails as well. Please send them me too. I’d like to keep my blog fair and honest. Thank you!

  27. GWhite says:

    you have over 80 OOO reviews because when you deliver work you offer all those things for people to leave positive feedback and you have lots of negative feedback and complaints. I should have read them first. he offers so many things to leave good feedback. I do not know what email you sent your threat from as it went to my contact form which requires an email address to be entered and it was from this me@myself.com so was not real. I was sent exactly as I wrote above. I was also sent a link to m y site with a performance report like here https://gtmetrix.com/reports/guillermoblanco.com/h9ZV4lkV
    that is my site this crook said he fixed it on fiverr. If that is fixed i do not know what broken is. the site is worse than when i gave it to him.if you look at the feedback on this gig https://www.fiverr.com/youngceaser/do-seo-doctor-seo-report you will see my feedback and I have just discovered he put my site in the feedback! that is not acceptable. I am also telling you now youngceaser if you contact me one more time through fiverr I will block you and report you to support for spam and feedback manipulation. I do not want any more of your offers as you do not know what you are doing and all you care about is your feedback

    • YOUNGCEASER says:


      Please excuse me for the inconvenience!
      I really wanted to work with you and help you at no cost.

      I offer people a coupon code in exchange for A FEEDBACK ( not 5 stars feedback, just any feedback).
      This coupon code gives them a discount for their next order.

      If you say that I am a scammer and I don’t know what I am doing, simply ask me your questions here, I can answer them publicly so everybody see what I know and don’t.

      Once again, please excuse me for the inconvenience, I really want to help you if we can communicate normally

  28. Daniel says:

    Dear Richard,

    Do you recommend any good or decent service out there? This all seems pretty risky.

    Thank you,

    • At this point in time, I don’t recommend anyone. I’ve tried several of the guys on Black Hat World, but they didn’t help me any. There was one place that looked like they would be good, but they haven’t launched yet and they are months behind schedule. I have had some luck with a site called http://socialadr.com/. You might try that and they do have a “free” option. You can also buy credits and upgrade your account if you want. Or you can get me some free credits by joining through my affiliate link http://socialadr.com/join/?a=1200298.

    • YOUNGCEASER says:

      Hi, Daniel!

      What looks risky to you?
      Risky is a service that offer Big amount of low quality links for example.
      Please tell me what is your Goal and I will let you know how to achieve it, for free!

  29. Yorgi says:

    They are liers and scams. Here’s my story:

    I ordered premium package for $235 which included on-site optimization, google speed score fixes and link building. I understood that the quality of links will be low, but i hoped they will optimize my website and fix issues, as they promised.

    Also the sales man said that i can refund any time.

    Ok, i waited for a month and when the report was delivered it only contained a pack of low quality crap links. They didn’t even logged to website to make on-page optimization. No errors were fixed.

    When i decided to get refund – they refused for almost a week, it was a pain in the ass to return my money, but at last i got the refund.

    BUT! After that i recieved the letter from Google Webmaster that the errors on my website increased: http://prntscr.com/hner3r

    There are no such pages on my website.

    Looks like these morons just spammed my website with shitty backlinks after they returned my money.

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