Do people really make money in network marketing?


Well, do they?


This is a great question! It’s probably the best question, that anyone thinking about getting into network marketing, should be asking. Do people make money? Absolutely! Not many but, some do make money.


The IDS (income disclosure statements) of most, if not all companies, gives little to no real information about how many people who join an MLM business, actually make money … any money. They will tell you that .18% of “paid distributors,” are making $100,000 per year. They base their percentages on the number of people who get a check, not on how many distributors they have, in total. They certainly wouldn’t want to tell you how many people make money out of all the people who have ever joined their company. That would paint a bleak picture indeed.


do people make money in MLM

If you read the IDS from any company you are likely to see that of the people who actually get a check from them, are making about $100.00 per year. That’s a little over $8.00 per month. I know for a fact that most companies require you to have a website, that they provide you and you pay for. I would bet that the website costs way more than the $8.00, that 85% of paid distributors are making.


Are they making money? The company would say yes! I would think that you and I know better.


I just read an IDS from a company, that will go nameless. I’m not trying to protect the innocent, because I’m not sure that there really is an innocent company out there. They all do the same thing. Anyway … This particular company admits that the average monthly income, of all those people who got a check, is a mere $243.00. Keep in mind that this number includes the top money earners that make $100,000 or more per month.




If you take those 30 or 40 top earners out of the equation, I wonder what the average monthly check would be?


Now, I’m left to wonder how much money the “average” distributor spent on advertising and on the required monthly product purchases, called autoship? Does that $243.00 check each month, cover their expenses?


I wonder why I bother writing posts like this. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot!


track record

 I guess I just need everyone to be aware of the lousy track record that most, if not all, network marketing companies have.


The company, that I mentioned above, says that there 92,508 people in the company, who qualify for a check, each month. There is no mention of the total number of people who have ever signed up with them. Or even the total number of distributor, currently in the company.


Of the 92,508 people who get a check, nearly 78,900 of them make less than $150.00 per month. Nearly 11,200 of them make between $150.00 and $750.00 per month.


I know you want to know … 377 people out of the 92,508 people who get a check, are making $10,000 or more per month.


I’m just going to hazard a guess and say that only 20% of all distributor make money. That would be in line with the “80/20 rule” that most of us are familiar with. That would put the total number of people in the company, at any given time, at around 555,000.



That’s less than 7 people out of every 10,000 people, that are in the company, will make $10,000 or more per month.


I look at those numbers and wonder why I am doing this business. I guess I rationalize it by saying that those are better odds than you have at winning mega millions in the lottery!


Is there a conclusion to be reach from all of these numbers?


Do people really make money in this business? Yes, but, not very many and not much.


If you decide to join a network marketing company, as I have, you and I must be eternal optimists to believe that we can beat those odds!!


Okay. Who wants to join a network marketing business??


Best of luck to us all!


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