Why does my upline want to make money off of me


Let’s gouge the downline in network marketing!


your network marketing upline will get you


I know you’re thinking that it’s network marketing and your upline is supposed to make money off of my efforts. To that I’d say, yes, they recruited me, they should be making money off of my efforts. I’m not talking about the usual set up of a compensation plan. I’m talking about my upline wanting to perform some task for me and charge me for it.


I know that no one like working for free. In network marketing it’s different. If my upline does something for me and it makes me money, then they get paid too. Why should they come to me and say something like, “I can set up a landing page for you. I’ll only charge you $39.00.”


If that landing page is so great and it will get me leads and sign ups, why do they need to charge me $39.00? I mean, how hard could it be to set up a landing page?


Is it just me? I’m I the only one who has a problem with this practice?


At this point, I’m so mad I don’t care which of my upline sees this post! I’m not going to mention names, but I don’t mind being specific about what one of my upline is doing. Let the chips fall where they may! (That’s inside joke. Although, I don’t think the person it’s aimed at will ever read it.)


I received an email from a particular upline who said that they’d be happy to help anyone in their downline by setting up a landing page. Yeah, it was $39.00. I have no idea how many people that they sent that email to or how many people signed up for that deal. Let’s say that he spends 30 minutes working on the original landing page. Then all he has to do is to duplicate it on a specific URL for everyone else. If it was only 100 people who signed up, that would be a nice pay day. All made off of his downline.


In that same email, he offer to send out post cards to his physical mailing list. Apparently, he has thousands of names and address. I’m not sure if he just bought them from a broker or whether he was able to accumulate them over time. You know what my guess is, right?


I’m thinking that if it was a great list to mail to why wouldn’t he just do it himself? I’m thinking that he is just buying names and address from a list broker and reselling them to the downline. It’s a great scam, if you can get away with it! I can’t be sure though.


I can’t even tell you how mad I am about this point.


It’s not just him. I see this kind of stuff all the time.


There is a Facebook group for my company and I asked for some advice on how best to sell the product. I had one person say that I needed a landing page to start to build a list for this business. They were more than happy to do it for me … for a price. They said, “It’s a great way to make even more money.”


It’s no wonder that the vast majority of people think that network marketing is a slimy business.


is network marketing a slimy business


I can understand the desire to make money off of the downline. Most people aren’t going to make any money in network marketing. Why shouldn’t someone go out and make money off of their downline or sideline? It’s probably the only way to recoup some of the investment they made in their business.


I do believe that this attitude has trickled down from the top.


It was years ago and I was in Amway … for the second time. I ordered a couple of products and my upline said that he had those products on hand and didn’t mind delivery them to me. I’m thinking, “Cool! I don’t have to wait for them.” When he got to my house, he handed me a bill. The bill included a hefty delivery fee. I asked him about it and he told me that he couldn’t deliver them for free. I said that he should’ve told me about that and let me decide if I wanted to pay for him drive them the 15 minutes to my house. He just stared at me. I handed him the bill and the products and asked him to get out of my house. The punchline to that story is that he was an Emerald in Amway. I assumed that he was making some decent money. That position is pretty high up in their compensation plan. Why would he even think about treating his downline like that?


Don’t even get me started about the gurus, today. It’s like lambs to the slaughter. In my opinion, anyway!


I wish the gurus had to provide an Income Disclosure Statement. How many people do they really “impact” … in a positive way?


While they’re able to make millions of dollars off of people who just want to find about of success in network marketing, I don’t see the success numbers changing in the industry. There are still 97% of people who won’t make any money. You would think that with all of the gurus out there selling their products and coaching, that somewhere those numbers would be even a little lower.


I don’t want to hear anyone, including the gurus, saying that 97% of people who start a traditional businesses go out of business in the first 5 years. Mainly, because that’s not true. According to the census bureau, about 50% of all new businesses survive their first 5 years.


Even if someone can twist those statistics and make it appear that 97% of business do fail that quickly, I’d say that 2 wrongs don’t make a right!


Maybe it’s just human nature to feed off of those that are less fortunate. I don’t know. If someone in your downline can’t make a landing page then why not make money off of them. Why not just help them to set up a landing page? Or maybe they could learn how to do it on their own … with a little help.


What’s up with uplines? Have you had this same experience? How did you feel about it? Was it okay because you didn’t know how to do something and you didn’t mind paying your upline to do it for you?



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