Why is Building a Relationship Important to Your Marketing?

Great question! I’m glad I asked. Let’s look at what needs to happen in order for you to sell you product or program. First, you need to attract people to look at your “stuff.”


If you are offline, you need to advertise to have someone see that you are in business and then they visit your store or place of business. You have an advantage over the internet marketer. You reach out your hand to shake the hand of this new visitor and you say welcome to them. You have started to form a relationship with them. Then you show them to them items that they might be interested in purchasing from you and you tell them about the products and how they will solve the problem that the visitor is having. You make suggestions on what to buy and how to use them items most effectively to achieve the desired goal. The visitor now decides if they trust you enough to make the purchase from you or will they go to the shop down the road? Hopefully, they have a warm fuzzy feeling about you and choose to make their purchase from you.


Now let’s look at the plight of online marketers. We may call it the world wide web or the information super highway or the internet. For illustration purposes we will think of it as a super highway.


There are millions of miles of highway out there. They go around the world many times over. You can think of your website and everyone elses website like roadside stands.



People get online and the whiz all over the place. It’s your job to get noticed. Even if you noticed, how many people do you think are going to feel comfortable enough to pull over? You could be an ax murderer. You could have bad merchandise. They may think that they will never see you again if they do buy something from you.


So what’s a good marketer to do? Hopefully, you are one of the good marketers out there. The rest are giving us all a bad name. You need to build a relationship with your new visitor. Get a good autoresponder so you can stay in contact with everyone.


Offer your personality first and second, offer your help. Every online marketer and business person will have problems and if you can find the right solutions for their problems you will have a friend for life. You will have someone who will be more likely to buy your product or join you in your business.


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