Recruiting for MLM doesn’t have to be difficult



Recruiting for MLM



 recruiting for MLM


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can not recruit your way to the top of any network marketing business. Although, recruiting for MLM business is still your main goal. Once you have a good and easy MLM recruiting systems, you can teach others to do the same thing that your are doing.


That’s how you get to the top of a network marketing business. Duplication!


I’ll assume that you are generating new leads, everyday. The more people that you put into your marketing funnel the easier recruiting for MLM gets. It gets easier because there is much less stress involved if you know that if this particular  prospect has no interest in joining your business, that there are a lot more people to talk to.


Notice that I used the word “talk” there. I have built a network marketing business and never talked to a single prospect. I know it can be done that way. It takes longer and if you are spending money on generating new leads, it will be more expensive.


If you want to turbocharge the process, get in the habit of talking, directly, to as many of your prospects as you can. It can be done by phone or face to face. A face to face meeting is always preferred. You can see how the person reacts to you and what you have to say. This allows you to change your approach as you go.


If you are too far away to meet, then the phone works almost as well. You’ll have to listen for the audio cues that a prospect might present to you. With a little practice, this can be as helpful as visual cues.



Recruiting for MLM



Here is my MLM recruiting system.


I believe that prospecting and recruiting are based in the forming of new relationships. I have come up with a simple, three step process to allow you to recruit with ease.


Recruiting for MLM  —  Step 1 – Make a friend


Start a conversation with the prospect. Focus on asking them questions about themselves. Listen, with empathy, and relate to the things that they say.   You might ask where they live. You can say that you’ve been to that part of the country. Or you’d like to visit someday.   Search for things that you have in common with them. You are looking for a foundation to build your friendship on. Having a hobby or interest in common is a great way to make a friend.


Recruiting for MLM — Step 2 – Find needs or problems


Again, you will be asking questions to find out what this person is worried about.   They could be in network marketing already and they are worried that they can’t make it work. They are not generating any leads.   They could have a job and be worried that they are going to loss their job or get laid off.   They could be a small business owner who has been effected by the ailing economy. They could be worried about just being able to pay their bills.


Recruiting for MLM — Step 3 – Offer them a solution


Most every one will have needs or problems that need to be solved. It is your job to offer up a good and viable solution.   If they need money. You need to ask them to see your business presentation.



offer solutions Recruiting for MLM



If they need leads then you should be able to help them with that.   There is a solution for almost every problem. Sometimes, you’ll need to be creative, but you should be able to come up with something that will help them.   When you solve someone’s problems, you could make money for doing that. Or you might offer up a solution that they don’t pay for. That will be your good deed for the day!


I am a big believer in the Law of Compensation. Good deeds are a good thing.


Recruiting tips MLM


When you are talking to your prospects, you need to try to stay in control of the conversation. What I mean by that is that you want to try to keep them talking about themselves. Try to not let them veer off in a lot of different directions. Make them feel like the conversation is all about them.


Most people love to talk about themselves, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.


Downline recruiting


Obviously, you are trying to build your own downline, but I would suggest that you don’t focus on recruiting. Focus on building friendships. Your friendships will be your most valuable asset.



Recruiting for MLM  can make you rich



You probably remember that George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” was considered to be “the richest man in town.” Because he had so many friends who were willing to come to his aid in his time of need. The same way that George had been so helpful to all of those people.


MLM recruiting training


This method of recruiting is fairly easy. I would think that most people could do this and would be willing to do this. Making friends is part of the human condition. It kind of comes naturally, to most people.


You may need to train your downline to focus the attention of the new friendship on the other person, that’s all.


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