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I came to realize that after posting over 460 articles, that knowing where to start could be a challenge.  I came up with a “Start here” page to help you, well, get started in your business the right way.

The following posts are the ones that everyone who visits my blog should read first.  These articles are written to help form the foundation on which to build a successful business!   The articles that are linked to here will contain virtually the same information that I give to my team members and downline.  Once you have finished reading them, feel free to browse though the rest of the site.


Here is the list of posts that I think would benefit you the most, by reading them first:


How best to use your warm market


This post is slightly out of order, but I believe this may be the single most important post you can read.  Virtually every network marketing company tells their new distributors to make a list of friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.  This is referred to as your “warm market.”   All new distributors are encouraged to talk to these people first. I call the warm market, the place that new distributors go to die!  Read this article to find out why and what you can do about it.



A life of relative anonymity



Life in the comfortable zone



So you’ve signed the dotted line … now what?



What business are you in?



What is your job as a network marketer?



Should I sell products to new people or just try to recruit them?



I don’t want to be a salesperson



Your product story



What’s your story? How to tell your business story



A simple plan for success in network marketing






How can I develop self confidence?



Will fear stop you from being successful?



How to overcome your fears



The 8 indispensable skills of network marketing



MLM training for success



MLM training for success part 2



Sneak peek presentation



How about a game of 2 on 1?



Your MLM business presentation sucks!



These are my 4 best MLM recruiting tips



MLM recruiting tips – the follow up



The top 11 things to teach a new recruit



 These are the 23 best and most useful articles.  I believe that if you start with these 23 articles, that you will have a firm foundation on which to build your network marketing career.  Obviously, I’d would have liked to add more articles to this page, so don’t stop here.  After you are done reading these articles, please explore the rest of the site and I hope that you find some information that will help you to achieve your goals!  To your success!!



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