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Where can I create a blog

Tweet   How to start a blog of your own     If you are new to the world of online network marketing, you may be looking to have your own website. Although you don’t need a website to have a business online, it certainly can help you to have one. You may be asking […]


I need some blog posting ideas

Tweet Blog posting ideas     Every so often I run into problems thinking up new things to write about. If you have been blogging for a while, I’m sure you’ve run into that as well.   It’s the worst! I’m wanting to write a post 6 days a week and now this happens. Now […]


Blogging for leads

Tweet Congratulations!  You’ve found your way to my marketing blog. Take a quick look around at some of the posts I’ve written.  I’ll assume that you are here to learn something about marketing, advertising or maybe you are thinking about starting your own business.       If you are here because you are thinking […]