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Cleaning up the network marketing industry

Tweet   Is network marketing a legitimate business or is it a scam?     There are several network marketing gurus out there that a have started a campaign to clean up the network marketing industry. While I applaud their efforts, I wonder how much change they can bring about. Can these gurus be the […]


Network marketing – Customers and product users

Tweet   I need new network marketing distributors?     Customers and product users? That sounds like the same thing, doesn’t it?   There are two different kinds of people who are going to buy your products. The first are your customers. The second are the people who joined your business, but they aren’t really […]


Network marketing – Are you doing the work?

Tweet   Will you be successful in network marketing?     I was on Youtube a few days ago. I was watching some top earner talking to a room full of network marketing distributors. I have to admit that I don’t know who the guy was or what company he was speaking to. I only […]