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Duplication and the sales process

Tweet   Or should I say, duplication of the sales process     There’s been a lot of talk over the past few months about duplication in network marketing. I’ve been a part of that discussion here on my blog. I consider duplication to be a myth and something that shouldn’t get your knickers in […]


In network marketing, does one size fit all?

Tweet     Can it be duplicated?     You always hear a lot of talk about duplication, in network marketing. On the other hand, you hear a lot about doing what you can to stand out from the crowd. For some reason, I’m thinking that those two things are diametrically opposed. Maybe I’m mistaken. […]


Climb aboard the duplication train

Tweet   Will it duplicate?     I’ve heard several of the network marketing gurus talking about duplication, this week. Sometimes it seems as though they plan this. “Yeah, let’s talk about duplication today!” Is it a vast guru conspiracy? Probably not. Although, I think I saw a guru on the grassy knoll.   What […]