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Why do I seem to fail at everything?

Tweet You don’t have to be perfect to be successful in network marketing   I was writing an article for my blog that explained why nearly all of the work that you’ll do in network marketing will produce almost no results. If that’s true and it is, why would anyone do this business?   Because […]


Failing doesn’t kill you

Tweet   But it could make you better     What is the one thing that all business people have in common? Sooner or later they all have failed at something. Failing seems to be a part of life and as it turns out, it’s a large part of it. How often have you set […]


Raising yourself from failure to success

Tweet     My 25 favorite inspirational quotes about failure     It probably sounds weird that you could get inspired by a bunch of quotes about failure and failing, but read my 25 favorite quotes on failure and see if you aren’t a little bit inspired too.   I’m sure, by now, that you’ve […]