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Network marketing – what a ride

Tweet   Can you achieve success in network marketing? We have several amusement parks within driving distance from were we live. We have Hershey Park, King’s Dominion and Six Flags, all close by. I’m a roller coaster fanatic. I should probably say FANATIC! If they build it, I will come! I have a need for […]


What does your ideal prospect look like?

Tweet   Who is your ideal network marketing prospect?     Not all prospects are created equally. Some are better than others. The trick is to find the ones that are better. This is no small task. Network marketers have been told, by their upline, that everyone will want their business opportunity. They take that […]


Network marketing – Customers and product users

Tweet   I need new network marketing distributors?     Customers and product users? That sounds like the same thing, doesn’t it?   There are two different kinds of people who are going to buy your products. The first are your customers. The second are the people who joined your business, but they aren’t really […]