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I’m doing okay … how are you doing?

Tweet         That’s the battle cry of most network marketers. They’re doing okay. Not in their network marketing business, but in the rest of their life.   They have a decent job that pays the bills. They aren’t getting ahead, but they aren’t going broke either. They drive a nice car. It’s […]


Do you like to help people?

Tweet   It takes two to tango in network marketing     It seems that being willing and able to help people is one of the main criteria of being in a network marketing business. Even Zig Ziglar said it, “You can get what you want, if you help enough other people get what they […]


Network marketing – what is your job?

Tweet     Can you make success in network marketing easier?   Unfortunately, most network marketers will never see a single dime from their network marketing businesses. It seems as though most network marketers are just too afraid to make a real go of it. They are paralyzed by the thoughts of being made fun […]