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10 more blogging ideas for network marketers

Tweet   Ideas for your next blog post   Have you started blogging yet? I seems that everyone and their brother is taking to the internet to spill their guts or share their ideas. Why not? If you’re any good at it, you can generate leads for your network marketing business and make a lot […]


Most network marketers don’t do anything

Tweet   Network marketers, what are you afraid of?     The average network marketer gets their distributor kit and they just look at it. They don’t do much, if anything, to advance themselves or their business. Almost no one will put forth a good, consistent, effective effort over a long enough period of time. […]


Why are so many network marketers on the internet?

Tweet   It’s the lure of easy money!     The internet is a pretty good invention. You have to hand it to those DARPA guys. Sorry Al Gore, maybe you voted for it, but you didn’t invent it.   Why do so many network marketers flock to the wonders of the internet? The easy […]