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Network marketing – Believe it or not

Tweet   Are you holding yourself back? It could be your self limiting beliefs!     Are you struggling, in your network marketing business? Don’t feel too bad, most network marketers are struggling! When we first joined our company, we were so excited. We were going to be rich! It looked so easy when your […]


I could never do that

Tweet   How can I be successful?     Have you ever looked at a top earner in your company or any company, for that matter and thought to yourself, “I could never do that?” The top earners seem to be so slick and polished. They seem to have an answer for every situation and […]


What does your ideal prospect look like?

Tweet   Who is your ideal network marketing prospect?     Not all prospects are created equally. Some are better than others. The trick is to find the ones that are better. This is no small task. Network marketers have been told, by their upline, that everyone will want their business opportunity. They take that […]