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Why does my upline want to make money off of me

Tweet   Let’s gouge the downline in network marketing!     I know you’re thinking that it’s network marketing and your upline is supposed to make money off of my efforts. To that I’d say, yes, they recruited me, they should be making money off of my efforts. I’m not talking about the usual set […]


What about Bob?

Tweet   Baby steps     When we first joined our network marketing company we immediately had huge goals. We were going to quit our job, we were buy a big house, we were going to drive our dream car and any number of other goals that came to mind. The problem with huge goals […]


Network Marketing – Are you asking invasive questions?

Tweet   Network marketing could be easier if you do this!     I just read a great article by Tom Schreiter. It was about how not to raise people’s salesman alarm. Everyone has one and if you want to get to the point of being able to show them what you have to offer […]