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Why are so many network marketers on the internet?

Tweet   It’s the lure of easy money!     The internet is a pretty good invention. You have to hand it to those DARPA guys. Sorry Al Gore, maybe you voted for it, but you didn’t invent it.   Why do so many network marketers flock to the wonders of the internet? The easy […]


Who should you talk to about your network marketing business?

Tweet     Well, if you’re like most network marketers you’re going to talk exactly no one. Or maybe you’ll be interested in talking to a few of your friends and relatives … then again maybe not. The industry average is having 3 people get involved in your business. That would be 2 recruits and […]


Why does my upline want to make money off of me

Tweet   Let’s gouge the downline in network marketing!     I know you’re thinking that it’s network marketing and your upline is supposed to make money off of my efforts. To that I’d say, yes, they recruited me, they should be making money off of my efforts. I’m not talking about the usual set […]