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Why are so many network marketers dazed and confused?

Tweet Hey network marketers, the grass is always greener!     Have you ever stopped what you were doing, thought about your network marketing business and wondered what was going on? Did you ever get that feeling of being overwhelmed? Have you scratched your head and wondered why it seems so easy for some people […]


Who’s the boss?

Tweet   Do I own my business or does my sponsor?     I’ve had a handful of calls, from fellow network marketers, this week. They were asking me who’s the boss? I asked what did they mean. Apparently, they’ve been “bossed” around by their upline and one of them actually got told what to […]


Hey network marketer – Get into action – get into profit

Tweet   Network marketers need to be in profit to stay in business!     I hate to break the bad news to you, but you’re in business to make money. Well, most of us are. If you’re not in the business to make money, then you can skip this article.   Now, you may […]