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Success is all about activity for the network marketer

Tweet   A network marketer needs to stay busy     Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the rank advancements, it’s about the activities that a network marketer is doing. The only way to rank advance is to be doing something.   It’s great to move up in rank. You get the recognition […]


Cleaning up the network marketing industry

Tweet   Is network marketing a legitimate business or is it a scam?     There are several network marketing gurus out there that a have started a campaign to clean up the network marketing industry. While I applaud their efforts, I wonder how much change they can bring about. Can these gurus be the […]


Network marketing – it takes work to succeed

Tweet   Network marketing = work!     There have been many, many network marketers who have told their prospects and new recruits that network marketing is easy. They’ve told them that network marketing is a piece of cake. Have you had someone tell you that the products sell themselves? How about that everyone will […]