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It’s not what you know

Tweet     It’s not even who you know     You’ve probably heard the old phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” A lot of the time that’s true. It’s one of those phrases that seems to be entirely too true. You may have a lot of knowledge, but when push […]


Are you missing the boat?

Tweet     Retailing your way to profit     There are two ways to make money in the network marketing business. The first is to recruit people into your business. Some companies pay you a bonus when you recruit someone. You can also get a small commission off of any products that your new […]


Experts and earners

Tweet   Become a network marketing expert     Who do most people want to work with, in network marketing? Well, the first time they join they are most likely to join with someone that they know. That would be someone in the warm market. I’ve heard numbers as high as 80% of network marketers […]