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Are you fired up?

Tweet   10 tips for network marketing success     I’m not huge on acronyms, but every once in while I’ll use them. I remember a few years ago, my son had a big test coming up and we decided to use a mnemonic. A mnemonic is similar to an acronym. I forget what it […]


Network marketing … is it a job?

Tweet Run your business like it’s a job!     Being in network marketing means owning your own business, right? How many people, who come into the network marketing business, actually have any experience running a business? How many people open a business and have any idea of what to do? By my estimation, it […]


Network marketing is hard work!

Tweet   Are you going to quit network marketing business? When people find out just how difficult network marketing really is they just give up. Yes, they were so excited by the thought of residual income and making $100,000 per year, but this business is really hard. They scratch their head and wonder how anyone […]