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Advice for the new network marketer

Tweet     A message to the new network marketer     Every month there are thousands and thousands of people joining the network marketing industry. Most of them have no idea what they are doing. Most of them won’t find the success that they so desperately want. New network marketers show up for their […]


Do I have to go to the weekly network marketing meeting?

Tweet     4 keys to your network marketing success!     Meetings … ugh … there are always meeting to go to in network marketing. Who likes to go to meetings? Not me! Meetings are long and boring. To get trapped at a meeting is a fate worse than death. Am I the only […]


Overcoming the fear of rejection in network marketing

Tweet   It’s the biggest fear in network marketing     One of the biggest killers of a network marketer’s business is fear. There are lots of fears that people have. Some of the fears that can be experienced are fear of failure, fear of success and of course the fear of rejection.   When […]