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So many people fail in network marketing

Tweet   Why? I wrote an ebook, several years ago, that explored the subject of why so many people fail in network marketing. I came up with several dozen reasons why people fail in network marketing. I came to the conclusion that people fail because they aren’t making any money. If a distributor isn’t making […]


Investing in your business and in yourself

Tweet Learn the skills you need to be successful in network marketing     Usually investing in yourself is the same as investing in your business, but investing in your business isn’t necessarily the same as investing in yourself. Let me explain. If you invest in yourself, you’ll probably make improvements in yourself and your […]


Why not you?

Tweet   You can be successful in network marketing!     Have you ever gone to a local hotel meeting and looked around at the big money makers who are there? Or maybe you’ve been to your company’s national convention and seen the top money earners. Have you ever wondered what they have that you […]