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Overcoming the fear of rejection in network marketing

Tweet   It’s the biggest fear in network marketing     One of the biggest killers of a network marketer’s business is fear. There are lots of fears that people have. Some of the fears that can be experienced are fear of failure, fear of success and of course the fear of rejection.   When […]


What’s your problem, dude?

Tweet   Have I got a solution for you!     If you want to sell your network marketing products or the business opportunity, you’ll need to find people who need those things.   You probably have heard that people don’t buy products, they buy a solution to a problem that they have. Someone who […]


Hang up the telephone!

Tweet Network marketing training     Have you ever played the game called, telephone? It’s where a group of kids sit in a circle and someone starts with a phrase and whispers it in the ear of the person sitting next to them. Then that person whispers in the ear of the person next to […]