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Network marketing – is it just a big numbers game?

Tweet   You can turn your network marketing business into a numbers game!     I hear this all the time … “It’s just a numbers game!” Are the people who say that, right? I do believe that at some point it does become a numbers game.   What is a numbers game, anyway?   […]


Should you recruit people from a foreign country?

Tweet   Recruiting in a foreign country can be a great opportunity   This is a great question and one that I’ve had to answer for myself. The company that I am with just opened up in a foreign country. The exact country isn’t important, but the question is. Is it a good idea to […]


Do you want to sponsor everyone into your network marketing business?

Tweet Network Marketing Isn’t For Everyone!       The knee jerk reaction to that question, for most people, is a resounding “Yes!” I’m here to say that you probably don’t want to sponsor everyone. You must think I’m crazy, but let me give you some more information, then you can tell me that I’m […]