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Developing a daily plan of action for your network marketing business

Tweet Having a daily plan of action will let you run your business more efficiently! I like to think of myself as a fairly organized person. Just don’t look at the top of my desk. I always say that it’s organized chaos. I kind of know where everything is, but not always.   When it […]


Do I even stand a chance in network marketing?

Tweet Will you find success or failure in network marketing?     I had a prospect ask me that, the other day. Do they stand a chance? I was surprised, not by the question, but by the fact that they knew the statistics of the network marketing industry. They told me that they heard that […]


Success in network marketing and other thoughts

Tweet   Everyone who has ever join a network marketing company has wondered exactly what they need to do in order to become successful. Some people figure it out while others struggle, mightily. Unfortunately, 97% or more will never make any money and most of those will lose money. Most of them walk away from […]