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When you’re a kid, you haven’t a care in the world. Well, maybe you care about what’s for dinner. Then you start to grow up. You become a teenager and the whole world just goes nuts. Like, what happened to everyone?


You turn 14 and you realize that you only have 2 more years until you learn how to drive. Those 2 years may be the longest 2 years of your life! When you get your driver’s license, you realize that you only have 2 more years until you turn 18 and graduate high school.


When you graduate from high school you have to decide whether you are going to go to college or go straight to work. Tough decision. Either way, you have 3 more years until your legal. When you hit 21, you either have 1 more year of college or you have been working for 3 years.


By the time you get to 25, life may have changed a great deal. You might have a new car and a new car payment. Maybe you’ve met “the one.” Now you’re planning a wedding. You get married. You have kids of your own.


Now the fun begins. Your life is no longer your own. You thought answering to your boss was bad …


You have 2 AM feedings. Then 4 AM feedings. Changing diapers. When they go to sleep, you think that children are the greatest things ever. Then they wake up.


life does get in the way


By the time the second child comes along, you realize that you need more room and a yard. You buy a small home and life is good! You have 1 maybe 2 car payments and a mortgage. Life is sure getting to be expensive. Hopefully, you get enough pay raises to keep up with it.


The kids grow up fast, just like you did. They turn 14 and want to drive. They turn 16 and they scare the bjeepers out of you driving. At 18, they move out to go to college. The cycle starts all over.


You’re an empty-nester, now. You think back on all the plans that you had when you were young. You were going to see the world. Travel cross country. Start a business of your own. Find a cure for cancer. The list goes on and on. All the things you wanted to do, but life got in the way.


You write down everything that you wanted to do, but never got around to doing it and drop it in the proverbial bucket. Yes, the bucket list is born.


riding a bull is not on my bucket list


It’s never too late to do those things. Those things that seemed so important to you when you were young and idealistic. Now you have the time to do them. Go out and do them!


If I could offer up an opinion, I’d suggest that we all start to make our bucket lists when we are much younger and start to fulfill them as we go along. I’m sure your kids would love to watch you jump out of a perfectly good airplane or ride a bull named Fu Manchu!


Don’t give up on your dreams! It really is never too late to get started on them.


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