I live here between Baltimore and Washington DC. We Marylanders don’t seem to do so well in stormy weather. Most of go into complete panic mode at the mere mention of inclement weather. A good rain or a few flakes of snow and that’s the end of it. I can tell you that there probably isn’t any toilet paper left in town. The store shelves have no doubt been cleaned out.


The Frankenstorm never came together. Hurricane Sandy, the Nor’easter and the Westerly storm didn’t meet here to form the perfect storm as was thought. The early projections had the 3 combining forces and going up the Chesapeake Bay into DC and then hammering Maryland. Didn’t happen!


Turns out the Westerly storm got here first and held Hurricane Sandy off the coast long enough to get past Maryland. Yay! Good for us, not so good for Philadelphia, Atlantic City, NJ or New York. Good luck Long Island!!


My guess on what it will do is it will hit Philadelphia, Atlantic City or somewhere in between the two. Then on to Long Island and the rest of NYC. I’m not sure if it will go to Boston and the rest of New England or how bad it will be for them but hold on!!


With the terror of the upcoming storm, I spent most of my Sunday tying things down. The last thing I needed was for something of ours to get airborne.


For at least this morning, I’ll be watching the weather and making plans for a step by step blue print of what I would do if I was new to MLM or just wanted a fresh start in the company that I was in. Keep an eye out for that.


I’m also going to write a post about persuasion. Persuasion and sales go hand in hand.


Pray for those from Philadelphia to New England, looks like they are going to need it!


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