Choosing Keywords or Cracking the Google Keyword Code

How Important is Choosing Keywords


Okay, so I tried something.  A little experiment, if you will.  I had written a post a few weeks ago.  I had done my own version of keyword research.  I have no keyword tools that I use.  I just use Google’s Keyword Tool.  It’s free and it works very well.  I’m not here to go through how I use the tool.  I have written a separate report about that.  I’ll have it as a free download as soon as I put the finishing touches on it.  So check back for that.


Choosing keywords

 After choosing keywords to suit my criteria, I wrote my post.

So anyway … My post was ranked after 2 days.  Not bad, eh?  It came in ranked 26th out of a whole bunch of pages.  I think it was over 2,380,000,000.  I do use SEO Pressor for my on page SEO.  I hadn’t done any off page SEO.

The post moved up to 20th then a few days later came in at 21st.  Then dropped to 24th and then to 26th.  Then a day later the post dropped to 64th then to 69th.  I couldn’t figure out why.  What made Google not “like” my post anymore.

I had no idea.  So I decided to conduct an experiment.  That was a good idea.  That bad idea was to do 2 things at the same time.  Now I have no idea which thing I did had an effect on my ranking.

The first idea I had was to go to Fiverr and hire someone to do some social bookmarking for me.  I have been looking into the “Tribe” bookmarking businesses.  I had heard that they worked well for off page SEO and ranking.  I have no experience with them so I thought I try it for $5.00.

I put in my order yesterday.  I don’t know if the service provider has done any of the bookmarking yet.  Buy I do know that they are not done with the order.  I was told it would take 4 days to deliver the order.  Have they done any bookmarking?  I don’t know.  I don’t know if there is anyway to tell if any bookmarking has been done.

If you know of a way, please let me know.  Thank you!

The second thought I had was that Google saw that no one was going to my post so it had zero traffic.  So I wondered if I had some traffic going to the post, would Google raise my ranking.  So I have a bunch, nearly 1 million credits at one of the more popular traffic exchanges.  It is called Adchiever.  So I sent out a mailer to 4400 members and asked them to go to the post and read it.  Out of the 4400 emails sent out I have about 2.67% click through rate.  So it was about 118 visitors to the post.

That’s not a whole lot but it is better than 0.

I went to Google tonight and I already had checked the ranking, it was at 69th earlier but when I looked it wasn’t anywhere on the 7th page.  I hit the Search button again to see where I was.  I wanted to start looking all over again.  Google refreshed and there at #1 was my post.




I have to admit, I was in shock.  I had other posts, with no off page SEO, get as high as 16th but I never had a first page of Google.  I had a post get as high as 36th then drop to 155th then so low I didn’t have the patience to find it anymore.

So needless to say, I’m pretty stoked!  I have no real idea how I got to #1 but I got to #1!  Okay, you say that I do have an idea of how I got there.  Yes, you are right.  I know it was either the little bit of traffic I sent to the post or maybe some of the social booking is completed and that pushed the post to #1.  I guess it could be a combination of the two.

Hmmm … I know this was a long tailed keyword.  It had very low competition and was getting approximately, 22,000 world wide searches per month.

When the ranking went from 20th to 64th I panicked.  I hated seeing it go that low for an unknown reason.  So I tried two things at once.  My bad!

Choosing keywords?  I think it is critical to your success.  Choosing keywords is something that you definitely need to learn!

I’ll do the experiment again.  This time I will try to send traffic to the post without any off page SEO.  I’ll try the social bookmarking on a different post altogether and I will try a third post with the combination of the two.

So I got a post to #1, very good for me.  Now the trick is to stay there long enough to get some good, highly targeted traffic to my site.

I’ll conduct the experiment and let you know what happens.

If anyone has an experience with any of this and would like to add their two cents, I would appreciate it.

Content is King but choosing keywords is where it all starts!

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