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I had given you 5 tips on SEO a few weeks ago.   Now here are 4 more tips on SEO


I was reading an interesting article today. The typical title, “Is SEO dead?” Their conclusion was, no of course SEO is not dead. But the more people who think it is dead the better for the rest of us. There would less competition.


What changes when the search engines do their updates is how they do their rankings. We’re left to figure out what works now. No easy task at times.


There are things that seem to work all the time. Like high quality articles. Longer content. Backlinks from high PR sites. Gone are the days of slapping up a site and getting tons of spammy links.  Oh for the good old days!


You should be writing posts for your blog about 5-6 times per week. Like that’s not hard enough! Once you have gotten used to blogging, I’ll throw a monkey wrench into your routine. You will want to make a video to go along with your post.


It is easier to get a video to rank on the front page of Google than it is to get an article to rank. Google loves videos. Especially, YouTube videos. Turns out Google bought YouTube a while ago. Why not take advantage of that fact?


Now you have two choices on where to find good keywords to use. You can use the Google keyword tool to find them or you can see what keywords don’t have videos on the front page of Google and use those.


You need to do SEO on the video as well. You should have your keyword in the title of the video. You also need to put the keyword in the tags area. In the description, you should start out with the URL that links back to your blog post. Then add in at least a 3-4 line description that contain your keyword 2 or more times. The keyword needs to fit in the description, naturally. You are still writing for people but you are keeping an eye out for Google too.


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Get backlinks to your video as well as to your post. Most marketers forget this part. Backlinking is just as important to getting a first page ranking for your video. If you have created videos before and haven’t done backlink to them, you may not have seen them show up in Google.


get links for your post and your video



The person who will be successful in this, or any business, is the person who takes consistent action over a long period of time.


To help you to be consistent with your blogging and video making, I would suggest that you spend 30 minutes on the weekend and decide what you will be writing about for each day during the following week.


Decide what keywords you will write about on which days. You don’t have to write for keywords everyday. Decide which days will be for keywords and which won’t. As you choose your keywords some ideas on what to write about for those keywords may come to mind. Make sure that you make a few notes to help to remember what it was that you wanted to write about.


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To summarize these tips on SEO:


Write one blog post per day and make one video per day.


Spend time on the weekend to choose your keywords for the week. You will need keywords for your blog post as well as your video.


Optimize your post and you video for the search engines.


Get backlinks for both your post and your video.


Admittedly, this will add more time to your day. But it is time well spent. If you want fast results and an avalanche of traffic, just follow these steps.


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