What is Only Wire?

What is Only Wire submitter?



Onlywire.com is an automated social bookmarking service. It is automated but not fully automated. For their 46 social bookmarking sites, you’ll first need to sign up for them all to get your log in information.


So what is social bookmarking? Think of it like classified ads online. They tell the world what sites you have visited and liked. Other people see the bookmarks as recommendations and can visit the site you have listed by clicking on the link that is contained in the bookmark.



what is only wire


I’m not going to list all of the sites that you can get bookmarks in here in this post. But here is a link to only wire’s list of sites. Each of the names in their list is a hyperlink and you can use them to get to the sites and sign up for your accounts, if you’d like.


What is Only Wire and should I use it?


There are some pros and cons to the service.




1. The first thing in its favor is that it is automated, that is after you have all your log ins.


2. The second thing is that you can get 46 back links to each  of your posts or articles.


3. The third thing is that the price is fairly affordable.


According to the pricing, you can get 1000 bookmarks for $10.00 per month. If you post 6 times per week, 24 times per month and get 40 social bookmarks for each one, you will use about 960 of the 1000 bookmarks.




1. You can only get 46 back links to each of your posts.


Each bookmark will have the same IP address from your computer.  Google will see the IP addresses of all of your back links and you probably won’t get “credit” for multiple entries on say, Reddit.


Now that doesn’t mean that your multiple back links from the same IP won’t get you any traffic. As people who go on the social bookmarking sites might see any of your links. It’s just that Google won’t be impressed.


2. Some of the social bookmarking site use Decaptchas.


Onlywire.com does offer a Decapthcha service to solve them for you. On the cheapest plan, that corresponds to the 1000 bookmarks, you are charged $3.00. Again, that’s affordable.


3. For the cheapest plan, you only get 1000 bookmarks.


If that is your plan and you go over you 1000 bookmarks, you are charged for overages. They cost you .05 each. That can add up.


You can set a “hard limit” on the bookmarks if you want. Onlywire will stop submitting bookmarks when you hit your limit or you could upgrade your plan to a higher number of monthly bookmarks.


The next level up is 2500. So you may be paying for more bookmarks than you are able to use.


So, hopefully, that answers the question, what is only wire?


But are there alternatives?


You could sign up for and submit to all of the social bookmarking sites, manually. Use a notepad or Word page to have all of the required information for submissions ready. Just copy and paste the information into the fields on each site. Time consuming, yes but it’s free and you can get all of the sites in Only Wire’s list.


There is another free alternative. It is called socialmarker.com.


It is not fully automated either. Currently, they only have 17 social bookmarking sites that you can submit to. But then again it is free.


You could use one of the software products, like [Social Monkey](it seems Social Monkey no longer exists) or Bookmarking Demon. I believe [Social Monkey](it seems Social Monkey no longer exists) is under $100 per year and Bookmarking Demon is a one time purchase of less then $200.


What is Only Wire and how can I solve the downside problems it has?


You can use Only Wire to get 46 bookmarks for each post. You can multiply this by using one of the Tribe programs. There is Unified Tribe and Tribe Pro. Tribe Pro is cheaper at $47.00 month versus Unified Tribe at $67.00.


Basically, you buy more credits from Only Wire and you use them to submit bookmarks for other people’s articles or posts. This gives them lots and lots of bookmarks all from different IP addresses.


You can run into the overages using these services. So be careful when using them.


But using them can be a great boost to your back linking efforts.


Imagine 1000s of backlinks for every post. What would that do for your rankings in Google?


So what is Only Wire? It’s a social bookmarking service that can help you can back links and move your posts up in Google.


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